An Autumn Brew


autumn brewIt has been a busy summer, what with Open Studio Days, making work for the galleries and regular experiments with the elusive art of eco printing.  Before September is out and before the leaves have fallen, I will be trying to squeeze in some more eco printing, since I will miss the delicious satisfaction of opening these precious little bundles over the long, bare winter.

But all is not lost.  I have just started to employ an old scout troop stew pan in order to dye cloth and wool blankets, using plants from my garden.  It is a HUGE object, so I have had to resort to cobbling together a trivet of sorts, using an old wrought iron telephone table, which can support the pot over a roaring bonfire set in the fire pit up the back of the garden.  Thankfully, we have no shortage of wood as fuel, especially now that we have to thin out the trees that Brian planted all of 13 years ago. 

So, I look forward to this method of dyeing, which will keep me both warm and full of expectation (no two dye vats produce exactly the same results), as I try recipe after recipe throughout the autumn and far into the winter.  I will sit back, listen to the stags roaring and look to the stars.


If you are interested in learning these techniques for yourself, please have a look at the Fabric of the Land course page.


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