Join me for some Easy Eco-printing!


autumn brewIn all areas of life in the 21st century, great energy is going into finding ways of enjoying the bounty provided by our planet whilst at the same time looking after it for the future. In the world of textiles, one new way of working in harmony with the natural world is by Eco-printing - a method by which the natural colours and forms of plants are transferred onto fabric – and it is attracting the interest of novices and textile artists alike.

This introductory course will allow you to by-pass the years of apprenticeship I have put into learning this alchemy, so that you will produce great results from the very start.

In the course of the weekend, you will learn which are the most reliable plants for using and you will make your own prints onto cotton, linen, silk, wool and paper using the plants to be found in my one acre garden.

The weekend culminates in the revelation of a large, eco-printed silk scarf, covered in your own design and ready to wear straight away, followed by the quick and easy construction of a cushion cover, also made using your own printed cloth!

This is a relaxing and social process, and we end the first day by gathering around the bonfire, watching our parcels of cloth bubbling away inside giant pots, just letting time and trouble drift away.

So, put your busy life aside and join me for some easy eco-printing.  See the  Easy Eco-printing course page for more details.


Email :    Tel : 01854 666279,   Postal Address : Jan Kilpatrick, Cul Mor, Elphin, By Lairg, Sutherland, IV274HH.  
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